The evolution of water travel and water vessels; focus on the timeless kayak

Man’s curiosity and sense of adventure has always driven him to traverse into the unknown. Today mankind is trying to get into places in the outer space that seem to be quite challenging. However, this trend began many thousand years ago. One of the biggest challenges for early man was going over water.

Travelling over water seemed like an impossibility much like going into space or flying seemed to be an impossibility a few years ago. Trying to travel over water was much like a death sentence. With time however, a few brave people were able to conquer this first fear by using logs to cross short distances over water. The use of floating logs led to the building of the first rafts and water travel had begun.

Water travel has gradually developed from this time with more advanced vessels being made to traverse water courses. With time, man was able to invent vessels that were propelled using steam and today gas and electricity are used to propel water vessels.

Amongst the water vessels, the kayak is one of the most outstanding vessels that has seen its use and dominance in different times.

The kayak is a vessel that was invented many years ago by the Inuit people of the Northern arctic region. It was a vessel that was designed for hunting, fishing, and transportation across short distances in the icy treacherous waters of the arctic region. The Inuit designed the kayak as a safe and reliable vessel. Apart from its safety, the kayak is a very easy vessel to use majorly due to its ease in control and navigation.

The Inuit are also nomadic in nature and they needed a vessel that they could easily carry from one place to another rather than have to always discard and build another water vessel when they moved. As such, the kayaks was made to be very light and relatively small. The original kayak had a frame made of light whale bones or light drift wood and the frame was covered with seal skins.

The advantages of control, maneuverability, portability, and safety have made the kayak an appealing vessel for people in all ages. Today the kayak is still used a great deal. In today’s day, the kayak has even been adopted as a recreational vessel. This is hugely due to the above superior features which makes it preferable as compared to other vessels.

Recreational users are usually not very skilled and hence a kayak is a good recreational vessel since it is easy to learn and use. Not only this, recreational kayaks are very safe to use as compared to other water vessels since they are easy to steer and control. Recreational users also love the recreational kayak because it is very easy to carry around due to its small size and its light weight.

The inflatable kayak is especially very good as a recreational kayak. This is because it offers a huge advantage in portability. An inflatable kayak once deflated can be folded and carried conveniently in a bag from place to place.