The advantages of the kayak and the different types of recreational kayaks

Kayaks are water vessels that are very popular today. Many revelers today prefer to use the kayak on their sailing adventures. This is because of several advantages that make the kayak preferable as compared to other water vessels.

For example, the kayak is a very easy to use vessel. The kayak is relatively lighter and smaller than many other water vessels such as canoes. This light weight and small size makes kayaks very easy to control in water, including in rough waters. The ease of controlling and steering the kayak is also due to the way that the kayaker fits in the vessel. In a kayak, especially a sit in kayak, the pilot can use his whole body – especially the legs, to steer the kayak. This helps a kayaker make tighter turns that would be impossible with another vessel.

Kayaks are also quite affordable as compared to other water vessels. This is hugely due to the cheap materials that are used to make the kayak. The kayak is also not very big and hence less material is used to make one kayak. Models such as the inflatable kayaks are at the apex of affordability in kayaks. Many people are opting to use these cheap kayaks that are available for sale in numerous stores all over the country.

Kayaks, especially the inflatable kayaks, are very easy to carry from one place to another. This is a big advantage especially for people who want to enjoy kayaking in different destinations. Inflatable kayaks can be easily carried by one person. When deflated, the inflatable kayak can be folded and fit into a small manageable bag. As such, one can even fly comfortably from one country to another with their kayak safely folded and carried in a bag. Apart from being convenient, it is not expensive to travel with an inflatable kayak.

Inflatable kayaks, despite being great recreational vessels are not always the best for other different applications. For example, an inflatable kayaks would not be ideal in rough waters. An inflatable kayak is also not very ideal when one needs speed. Inflatable kayaks have very poor tracking and therefore hard-shell kayaks are better suited in cases where speed and tracking are important.

Sea touring is an activity that many revelers enjoy. In sea touring, hard shell kayaks are preferred. Sea touring kayaks are usually kayaks that are longer and narrower than the normal recreational kayaks. This design is important for maximizing on speed and handling in water. Sea touring kayaks are also designed with adequate space where the kayakers can carry some of their personal effects during the long sea trips.

There are also other kayaks that are used for another recreational activity commonly known as white water kayaking. This is where kayakers take on the challenge of sailing down fast moving rivers that are usually treacherous with rapids, rock boulders, tough turns and small falls to navigate through. For white water kayaking, sit in kayaks with a rounded hull are preferred.