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多年以来,4166am官网登录依靠雄厚的企业实力和不断开拓创新的企业精神,不断完善自己,并总结出了一套适合企业自身特点的研发、生产、营销模式,坚持"以人为本 科学管理"的经营理念,矢志不渝地打造新型节能环保高新技术企业。


Established in 2001, Dongguan Langow Environmental Protection and Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd is a high tech enterprise focusing on the application of new energy technology with solar energy, energy-saving heat pump and industrial supporting energy-saving products as its main products.

The enterprise is in possession of a well-structured internal organization, a lead management with overall high quality and management capabilities, a group of high-position technicians with wide range of science and technology know-how and specialized in scientific research and development, and a production, manufacturing and installation construction team that has rich experience in practice and solid professional skills, which eventually will ensure the complete execution of high quality policies by applying the interrelating and rigorous principles throughout the concept, proposal and execution stages.

Ever since its establishment, by following the principle of human-oriented, the company is seeking its development by utilization of science and technology powers and heading along the path of achieving scientific management. The company has passed the ISO9001:2008, an accreditation for international quality management system, and now is also a national high-tech enterprise, a provincial private owned science and technology enterprise and a municipal pilot enterprise with its own patents. The company now has developed into a development-based production enterprise with a multiple series of products that have a huge market potential, high content of science and technology, as well as independent patent rights. Over the years, Langow people have won the recognition and trust from managing authorities and a majority of users by its excellent design, rigorous process, strict construction standard and complete service network.

By upholding the tenet of safety first, quality-oriented and credibility uppermost, as well as the enterprise spirit of exploration, innovation, integrity and pragmatic, Langow people are exploring into a even higher state of pioneering.

The striving goal for Langow people: Being committed to the development and production of environmentally friendly and energy-saving products and keep producing products with customer satisfaction.