love for pets

My love for pets came from growing up around many farm animals

I love pets. I may have acquired my love for pets from my childhood growing up around farm animals. In our farm we had all kinds of animals. Many of the animals were kept due to their importance in providing milk, meat, eggs, and other benefits for us around the farm but I considered and treated them as pets. We had cows, goats, ducks, chicken, horses, cats, and dogs.

We had seven cows which were housed in a cow house about 50 meters from our farmhouse. I did not spend much time with the cows since they were messy. My father also treated them as special and did not want them to be tampered with. The cows were fine highly bred cows that produced a lot of meat. They were keenly monitored and looked after. All this special care included keeping me off them since I was claimed to be a nuisance to them. My only crime was pocking them with sticks and pulling their tails as my ideal way of playing with them.

The goats were too fast and shifty for me. Although I loved playing with the long bearded Billy goat. He loved a particular game where we would match each other’s strength by him pushing with his hornless head. I however had to play this game with the he-goat when my father or mother were not around since they feared that my friend Billy goat could harm me.

The ducks and chicken were boring noisy creatures that I ignored apart from when I was very bored and chased them around the house. The horses were a great sport especially when my father allowed me to ride. But this were limited times.

The greatest time I had was with the cats and dogs.

The cats were my good friends since they were the only animals that were allowed into the house. I would spend many hours playing with them on our comfortable well upholstered sofas. I loved petting them and hearing their contented purr as they dozed off in my laps.

Our two dogs were my number one friends. Wherever I went touring into the woods I would go with them. They were great at hunting small game such as squirrels and rabbits that were plentiful in the surrounding thickets. As a young growing boy I got a lot of my protein supply from meat that I had captured with the help of my dogs.

Many times instead of hunting, I would go swimming with other country boys. Our younger dog Rufus would join me and he would be a delight for the other boys. The other dogs were not fond of swimming.

On returning home from a hunt I would fry the meat on an aluminum skillet my mother had given me. I learnt much of my cooking skills using this skillet. I would experiment cooking the meat with all kinds of herbs and spices. This made me a very skilled cook especially when it came to cooking meat.

Whenever I cooked meat from a hunting expedition, I always shared some with my friends the cats and the dogs.