Kayaks; their invention, their features, and their advantages over other water vessels

A kayaks is a special water vessel that is unique due to its size and its design. This vessel was traditionally designed to carry one passenger. The kayak has a slender design with a relatively short width. Whereas many water vessels have a cupped shape with an open deck, the kayak has a rounded oval shape with a covered deck with only a small opening which is the pilot’s cockpit. The pilot usually sits into the cockpit where his lower body sinks the hollow of the kayak and only his upper body remains exposed atop the kayak.

The kayak was invented by the Inuit people of the Northern Arctic region. The Inuit are a people who greatly depend on fish and other sea dwelling animals for food. Given the icy conditions of the water that surrounds them, the Inuk has to be very careful when hunting or fishing. Falling into the icy water usually means certain death through asphyxiation. This is especially because the Inuk usually do not know how to swim and it would also be difficult to swim in their heavy clothing which would more likely drown them.

Due to their need for so much safety when on the waters, the Inuit had to come up with a water vessel that they could use to go hunting or fishing in. Their problem was solved in the invention of the kayak. The kayak is a vessel that they built to provide maximum maneuverability and provide the best protection from the elements.

The design of the kayak and the way the pilot snugly fits into the kayaks helps create for maximum control and maneuverability of the vessel. The pilot can use his entire body to steer the craft to any direction. In case the kayak capsizes, the pilot, especially a skilled pilot, can roll the kayak using his body and readjust the capsized kayak position back to its upright position.

The original kayak was made of light materials that made it very portable. This was important since the Inuit are nomads and when they move from one place to another it would be beneficial if they could carry their kayak instead of having to discard it and later build another one.

Today the kayak is still being used and it has been adopted by many other communities around the world. In the modern world, the kayak has been adopted for use in different activities including recreational kayaking.

The kayak has become a great recreational vessel majorly because it is a vessel that is very easy to learn how to use.

Kayak manufacturers have especially come up with the inflatable kayak which is a very good kayak for beginners. It is a very easy kayak to use especially in calm protected waters. Even small children of around ten years can manage an inflatable kayak all on their own. Inflatable kayaks have also become very famous because they are quite affordable and they are easy to carry from one place to the other – especially after deflation.