Fun recreational activities that are also great bonding and socializing platforms

Many times we turn to recreational activities to enjoy some quality social interaction as well as bond with other people. Recreational activities are usually activities that are enjoyable. There is no better time to socialize than when all the people involved are enjoying themselves. When having fun, people are more likely to free up and interact on a deeper level.

It is however important that the group or couple to choose an activity that they will all enjoy. The recreational activities need to be mutually enjoyable otherwise some of the members in the group will not enjoy the maximum benefits of the bonding session. To achieve such a fruitful session, it is often important that the people be well acquainted with each other.

Today many boding sessions are being organized by corporate firms. The aim of this events is to have fun activities that will help the team members bond together, get to know each other better, and ultimately get to know how to best work together. In such events, the organizers have to be very careful in choosing activities that all the people will enjoy.

I was working in a small editorial firm just after college when I had one of the best corporate bonding sessions. The firm comprised of a handful of employees and we were quite well acquainted with each other. Despite all the members being pretty well acquainted with each other, the company was always organizing informal fun activities that helped us familiarize better with each other in a different setting rather than the office setting.

Since it was not a big firm, the organizers would involve the employees in choosing an activity to engage in. The activities for different such events would vary.

The event that thrilled me the most was an event where we went out kayak fishing. I was quite new at the firm at this time and I liked the event so much since it helped me to quickly acclimatize with my colleagues. As such, this event was a huge success for me.

During the event, we visited a kayaking resort that was about 40 minutes’ drive from our offices. The resort was a beautiful facility that I came to learn was very popular at hosting such events. For our kayaking expedition, we were to use tandem kayaks. Tandem kayaks are kayaks that can carry more than one passenger at a time. For our excursion, two people were to share a kayak.

The challenge for the event was for the pairs to compete in kayaking and also compete in fishing. For many of us, we were very green when it came to both.

Kayaking and fishing are both fun and easy activities to engage in. Therefore this was a very good bonding activity since we would share in the mutual challenges and we had to help each other to overcome them.

Before heading out into the water, the resort management gave us a brief training and tips on how to carry out the activity. They also armed us with all the necessary fishing equipment including the appropriate protective gear. They then armed us with some bait for bass which was the fish we were going out to try and catch.

Only one team managed a catch but the event was a complete success in terms of helping us bond and socialize together.