Fishing and fishing techniques; a look at the intrigue and intricacies of angling

Mankind is an adventurous creature and his main motivation for adventure has usually been the search for sustenance and a better life. The search for food has especially been very fundamental in helping man conquer new territories.

In seeking new sources of food, early man ventured into water bodies. In the water, man was successful in finding a most superior source of food in fish. Fish became a very important source of food for communities that lived close to water bodies that were inhabited by fish. This is due to the high nutritive value of fish as an excellent source of protein. Fish was also a great food source since fish are generally available all year round unlike other animals of prey that would migrate.

The main challenge was how to catch the fish. Fish are usually very agile and wily in the water and it is almost impossible to catch fish in open waters using bare hands. Early man must have had quite a hard time catching the fish. He probably had to employ the use of more than one person to trap the fish in shallow water.

With time, man may have moved to spearing as another way of catching the fish. This is where he used a sharp stick to stick the fish as they swam in the water. This was also not a very successful strategy and it required a lot of skill and experience. One also had to be very patient.

Other advanced fishing techniques were discovered as man’s appetite for fish continued. Some of the advanced techniques included the use of baskets to trap and catch the fish.

As time progressed, better fishing techniques including the use of nets were discovered. Catching fish became much easier and fishing became more popular.

Angling is one of the more advanced fishing strategies that is used today. Although this is not a technique that brings in a lot of fish as compared to the use of nets and trawlers, it is a technique that is quite popular. Angling is a simple technique preferred for individual fishing and is attractive due to the fun and adventure involved.

Angling employs the use of basic equipment that includes rods, lines, hooks, and baits. Today however, modern angling apparatus such as bait casting reels, floaters, sinkers, and bite indicators are used. These modern equipment are made to make the fishing experience more pleasant and more efficient.

There is a lot of debate on the apparatus to use while angling. Many of the conservative anglers believe that the use of the modern aids takes away the novelty of angling. They also claim that it takes away the adventure and much of the fun from the activity. Many will for example avoid the use of fish finders to locate the fish. They claim this is more like cheating and it is not good gamesmanship.

Many beginners, novices and occasional anglers have no problem using the modern aids since, in any case, they do not have enough time to master the expert skills to fish without them.