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Counting Deeper Than Numbers

Introduction Being an accounting major is quickly becoming a hot thing among college students and people looking for a different career. These accountants are doing so many things for the business world: keeping their assets and liabilities

Unbelievably Insured

Many people are excited about the accountant field, what they do not realize is the benefits of working for an insurance company. The benefits range from entry-level positions to financial analysis training. All great things if you

Counting Further Than Accounting

A career in accounting is one step towards never having to rely on the know-how of others to complete tasks like preparing your taxes as well as having the built-in ability to protect yourself and those around

Can You Make A Living As A Pet Groomer?

Pet grooming is growing by leaps and bounds every year, so if you’re considering a career as a pet groomer, you’re likely to find yourself in a good, viable business that you will really enjoy.  There are

Career Profile: The Male Barber

Among many aging professions stands the barber. The male barber has been an image of Classic America for the longest time, but has been quickly swept up by the modern image of hair salons and dressers. With

A Whole New World To Explore

If you are thinking of a career change then you won’t go far wrong studying a culinary course. Good cooking skills never go out of fashion so you can always be assured of getting a job in

The Cross Over Star: One Art Form To Another

You see a lot of celebrities that do not stick with just one type of entertainment. Some go from singing to acting to whatever they want. Once they are in the spotlight, they start doing numerous things,

10 Famous People at the End of their Careers

When you look at the number of famous people who have generated a considerable amount of wealth in their lifetime, it seems amazing that many of them are still making a considerable amount of money even with

Rigging Up a Big Music Gig is Pretty Complicated

The very idea of putting on the “big show” is a dream that many of us share. Setting up the stage, putting on the acts and entertaining the crowd is an experience that few things can really

Cool New Ways Science Helps Us Catch Criminals

The combination of modern technology and Forensic science has shaped the world of criminal justice, presenting the opportunity to combine logic, science and the law and helping eliminate any question of guilt in many cases. Forensic science