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Should You Have A Credit Card in College?

College students have an abundance of financial stress with student loans, college life, car payments, and other living expenses necessary to make their education possible. Some students will get credit cards to help ease the financial burden

What exactly is a rice cooker?

Rice cookers are small kitchen appliances that work along the same principles as a crockpot or a slow cooker. They consist of an insulated casing within which thermal sensors and heating devices are housed. A non-stick pot

Food Processor Attachments – Which Are Best?

Small kitchen appliances like food processors make sense and make room. For individuals who enjoy cooking and like meals to be as homemade as possible, the food processor enables a hands-on approach. In addition, it saves time

Career Profile: Laser Hair Removal Technician

Have you ever just been completely fed up with your hair? Whether it’s facial hair, body hair, or the hair on your head, it all can cause us extreme fits. If you have ever wanted to just

New Facial Recognition Software for Dogs, Awesome Technology

Getting a dog can be a big step for anyone. Many families select dogs that can grow (and play) with their children. The reasons for getting any certain breed are endless. While personal choice and availability are

Rigging Up a Big Music Gig is Pretty Complicated

The very idea of putting on the “big show” is a dream that many of us share. Setting up the stage, putting on the acts and entertaining the crowd is an experience that few things can really

Cool New Ways Science Helps Us Catch Criminals

The combination of modern technology and Forensic science has shaped the world of criminal justice, presenting the opportunity to combine logic, science and the law and helping eliminate any question of guilt in many cases. Forensic science

Selling Your Plasma: Get Rich Or Get Sick?

Whether you’re a college student looking for some extra cash or you’re trying to survive on a teacher’s salary, your blood could be worth some money. Plasma donation is a good way to make some much needed

New Technology Attempts To Fight Distracted Driving

There are a number of annoying things that can go wrong when you’re driving from all the other drivers on the road, to flat tires and more, but the biggest cause of accidents and even death are

New Dental Goo Repairs Teeth From Within

For those looking to get into the field of dentistry it may be smarter to look elsewhere, like in medicine, than at a job as a dental hygienist. There have been more than a few dental breakthroughs