A look at fishing and fishing techniques used in the past and in the present

Fishing is an ancient practice that has been undertaken by numerous communities around the world for many centuries. Fishing started as a way for finding food and it has today grown to additionally become a recreational activity.

In early times, mankind was a hunter and gatherer. He would scour the earth for any edible fruit, nut, herb, or leaf to eat. He would also hunt around and kill animals for meat. As he went around in his forages, mankind that lived close to water bodies spread his search into the water. As he looked for something he could kill in the water, he came across the numerous delicious fish.

Fish quickly became a major source of food for mankind due to its rich nutritive value, its superior palatability, and its dependability. For early man, it was usually a tough challenge depending on game meat as the animals usually migrated with the seasons; just as the edible plant foods were also available only at specific times of the year. With fish however, the supply was usually well spread across the whole year, especially in enclosed water bodies such as lakes.

The only major challenge for mankind was how to get the wily fish. At first, man may have attempted to catch the fish by cornering the fish – presumably with the help of one or two people. This was a clumsy approach that was not always successful. Man may then have developed spearing: where he attempted to spear the fish from above as they swam in the water. This was also a gruel some approach that had a low success rate.

As time went by and man’s demand for fish remained, man discovered other ways for fishing including the use of baskets. Today many other effective ways of fishing have been invented including the use of nets and angling.

Angling is especially popular today not only being used as a way for capturing fish for food but also as a way of recreation. Angling can be engaged in as a way to relax and unwind and it can also be engaged in as a sport.

Angling can be done from the shore or off the shore. In off shore fishing, kayaks are one of the most preferred vessels. Kayaks are preferred by many anglers as fishing vessels because of various factors including their advantages as vessels that are easily maneuverable and vessels that are easy to carry around from one fishing ground to another.

Kayaks are vessels that are ideally designed for one passenger but there are kayaks that are designed to carry two or three passengers; these are called tandem kayaks. Tandem kayaks can be a lot of fun to go fishing with if one wants to enjoy the exercise with some company. A company of friends can also enjoy angling with each person in his or her own kayak.

Sit on top kayaks are today greatly favored as fishing kayaks due to the freedom they present for the pilot in moving and turning his body around atop the kayak. Sit on top kayaks also provide a lot of room for storage for the captured fish.